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Made in USA Custom Shutters |Installed as little as 7 days. | Plantation Shutters Florida

Plantation Shutters Florida is dedicated to preserving our environment and the timeless beauty of your home, while giving you a higher level product. Plantations shutters were designed with luxury in mind for those who seek out excellence from their products down every single inch! We have been family owned since day 1 because it’s not about just making money off these things; It's also important that we stay true by maintaining high standards without compromising either one iota bit on quality or customer service Florida's Plantation Shutters are a one-stop shop for all your home and commercial needs! From new construction, to replacing old shutters. You can find the perfect style that will match both traditional or modern decors in Ft Pierce Florida at our store on Farmers Market Road - just minutes from I-95. USA CALL: 772-872-6805 FAX: 772-872-6800. ,.  ONLINE: santos @